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Advising, Planning & Installation of Off-Grid Solar Systems

  • Advising – Planning – Installation of photovoltaic stand alone installations
  • Tailor made solutions to match clients' needs
  • Provision of additional equipment: lamps, inverters, PV panels, installation materials, cooling systems, DC-power supplies, pumps...

Rural electrification

We can provide detailed assistance to you if you are looking to provide a sustainable power supply to a village or a region:

  • Project planning and development: Investigation of the local energy requirements | Feasibility study including economic analysis comparing different renewable energy solutions | Implementation of sustainable solutions including operation and maintenance (O&M), management and institutional strengthening
  • Project implementation: Design of technical solutions | Know-How-Transfer (Training concepts and training on-the-job) | Installation with local partners | Details of tariffing / Metering and payment for electricity
  • Usage: If required monitoring (technical, financial, management) of the operation of the power supply
  • Renewal, refurbishment and extension: If required, advice regarding replacement of installations/components

Other solar energy applications

In addition to stand alone photovoltaic systems we offer a wide range of possibilities

  • Solar consulting: Costs and benefits of solar installations | Energy concepts for buildings
  • Grid tied solar power systems: We can advise and guide you through the whole process of obtaining a PV system - from planning to installation, operation and maintenance
  • Solar thermal systems: Convert solar energy into thermal energy for domestic hot water heating, save heating costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

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